Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Isn't all clothing reversible??

I had a chiropractic appointment this morning. It's the fourth one in a week! I'd been seeing a chiropractor regularly - once a month - in Nashville (Dr. Sanford). However, this guy (Dr. Russell) took one look at my x-ray and has me coming in three times a week for six weeks, then twice a week for five weeks, then once a week for another three weeks, before we'll be ready to only come in once a month. That's a lot of visits! C and I are really glad that I'm going to get everything fixed. On the other hand, we're wondering why the other guy (Dr. Sanford) was content to have me come in only once a month. A little disconcerting. Complacent doctors are the worst kind.

So, at the chiropractor's this morning, he (Dr. Russell) pointed out that my shirt was on backwards. I wasn't really that embarrassed, at first, until he laughed so hard. I didn't think it was very nice. I mean, obviously I have my hands too full with two little boys to be worried about which way I have my shirt on. But besides the obvious, I was rather distracted this morning while I was trying to get dressed. We were running just a little behind this morning because I didn't get up until Z came into my room at 7:20. (You remember we lock his door? Well, apparently it doesn't always latch. So even though it's LOCKED and the knob won't turn, it still pulls open because it isn't LATCHED. Rather frustrating) Did I mention that C is out of town again? He got whisked away for three days for business. So I was on my own this morning to get all three of us pottied, clothed, fed, and out the door. I was about to put my shirt on when Z came into my closet holding two pieces of glass. Broken glass. Yes, my two year old had gotten ahold of broken glass and was PLAYING WITH IT. I dropped my shirt on the floor and took care of the child. Fortunately he came away with just a little cut on his thumb, which was easily patched with a band aid (which is still on at almost 5pm, surprisingly). When I finally got back to my closet to finish throwing clothes on, I (obviously) didn't pay attention to whether my shirt was right-side-out or not (I don't throw my clothes in the hamper after wearing them just once; they go on the hanger inside out to be worn again. This is repeated until (a) laundry day or (b) the item is too stained to go into public.)

So I didn't think it was very nice of Dr. Russell to laugh so hard. I didn't bother explaining though. I'll just be sure that my shirt is on right when we go in tomorrow. Maybe it'll motivate me enough to get up on time!

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Laurie said...

Oh dear, you poor thing. With C out of town, all those appointments and 2 little guys to get ready to go - it's so understandable.

I like your practice of wearing things once, then inside out or until it's too stained to wear in public! Any mother would find it convenient to put in practice, but a chiro - obviously not!