Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I'm going to start this "Ten on Tuesday" thing and really try to stick with it so, at the very least, there will be one new post each week.
  2. I have a paper cut on my pinky that is making typing rather difficult.
  3. Today was our second to last Bible study for the semester. I'm sad that it's ending because I've really loved getting to know the book of Revelation a little bit more (and we only just scratched the surface), but I'm really looking forward to getting my Tuesday mornings back!! I've already decided not to attend next semester's study because I need this morning time at home.
  4. I found a bin of clean clothes that the cats have apparently been using instead of the cat box. Eew. On the bright side: I found the source of that musty smell and am so glad to be getting rid of it!
  5. WARNING: potty-talk ahead. While we're thrilled that Zachary has been going tinkle by himself (okay, it's just so he can have candy, but whatever works!) I'm not so thrilled to discover that when no one helps him, he takes care of his business standing up and does not put the seat up. He prefers to do this in the master bathroom. Thanks kid.
  6. Daniel currently has 5 teeth and will have a 6th any day now.
  7. Today is Curtis' second day of having an employee under him at work (directly! reporting TO him!). He's only been with the company a year.
  8. We have been taking the newspaper for the first time since we got married. We only take the weekend paper and sometimes don't get to it until Tuesday or Wednesday.
  9. We finally got some major furniture pieces out of the garage and put in their permanent locations, so it feels like we just now starting to really move in. We've been in the house since the second week of September.
  10. I really hope I remember to make notes all week for this post next Tuesday, because it took forever to think of 10 interesting things to tell you (and I think I cheated on a couple. See #2 and #10. Don't tell me if you didn't find anything interesting in this post).

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ehart said...

I think I may try this one myself. Are there rules? Or just ten things you want to say today? Hmmmm. Let me know how I did.

Laurie said...

I've missed you, Jennifer! You've done better with your Ten on Tuesdays than I've done with my blog....LOL!

I kind of disappeared internet wise for awhile, I was spending too much time there.

But I like your list! Our church just did a study on Revelations too! They just finished before Christmas.

I go to the Monday evening woman's bible study, and I love it! I get so much from it!

Go Zachary! Is he closer to being potty trained? And Daniel has 5 teeth? Where does the time go?

Jennifer said...

Yeeaahhh, so obviously even once a week was too much for me, lol! ehart - there aren't any rules that I looked up and followed, just ten anythings. I like the idea, I just can't seem to stick to it! Laurie - it's been bugging me that I haven't answered your question: Z has been potty trained for a good while now (almost a year? I think?) but he still needs instruction in some areas. He's recently decided that he doesn't like buttons on his pants (because then he can't go potty by himself and get a candy), which eliminates most of his bottoms. I need C to teach him how to use the zipper!