Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm going to try to post a little more regularly again. The easiest way (I've found) to do that, is these 10 on Tues. posts. I may look up some prompts etc. for other posts, but we'll start with this. And alongside that, I'll be cleaning up a little too. I've already fixed the birthday tickers in the sidebar, and there are a few other things that need to be removed/updated. In the same vein, I'll probably be removing the connection to Facebook, so if you use that to learn when there's a new post, you may want to find another method.

2. As I sit here, Curtis is playing Wii Lego Star Wars with Zachary, and Daniel and Eli are entertaining each other in the office with me. One is sharing my chair (against my will) and they are giggling infectiously. They can get away with anything when they're giggling like that.

3. Daniel's potty training is going very well. It's almost easy. I cannot discount the importance of waiting until a child is ready! We'd tried with him a few times before and they were always a disaster. But this time he's ready and it's completely different! I'm really pleased to say that he had no accidents today!! This is huge. Not only did he obediently sit on the potty each time I lead him to the bathroom, but there were a couple times that he took himself! I'm so happy. Now, he didn't take care of his business, if you know what I mean, today, so he should have one tomorrow. Hopefully his teachers at MMO tomorrow won't have to clean him up like they did last week...

4. Our church offers "Summer Mother's Morning Out" to members and Sunday School attenders. It is such a blessing! As long as we reserve a spot a week in advance, we can drop our kids off for four glorious hours - for free! They even feed them (sack) lunch! Tomorrow's MMO will be cut short due to a funeral and visitation taking place at the church, which means I won't be able to eat lunch with Curtis like we usually do on Wednesdays. I'm planning to sew all morning. I have two skirts for me and an overalls for Eli lined up. We'll see how much I can accomplish!

5. I made 4 Hawaiian shirts for Father's Day this year. Before this year, the most I'd made was three. Curtis is willing to go all matchy-matchy to the company picnic on Friday, so I'll get a picture of them and post it for you. I'll probably go into all the gory construction details too, since I like rereading those posts the next time I use the pattern.

6. We're selling our futon. Do you get nostalgic over furniture? I do. It's hard to let this one go, though I won't miss the eyesore or the way it overpowers a room. When we moved from California to Nashville, we built the futon frame (with help) before we left. Then as we drove cross-country, we made a little detour in Phoenix to visit a particular futon store to get a nice, high-quality mattress. This was our couch and space bed for a long time. When we moved from Nashville to Huntsville, we sold the frame but kept the awesome mattress. After moving into our house here, we bought a frame and kept the futon in the office as an extra spare room (the "real" spare room is my sewing room). But it takes up too much space, we don't need the extra seating, and we don't need the extra bed. At least, not for the amount of space it takes up. And the boys crawl all over it and cause it to slouch down. So it needs to go. But I'm still sad about it. I keep asking Curtis, "If we need another futon, we'll get another nice mattress like this one, right??" His affirmative is the only reason I'm willing to part with it. And all this is only on my mind because the buyers are on their way and will probably be here in about 15 minutes.

7. I'm having trouble thinking of things to post...This past year I taught both Sunday School (the 4s - Zachary's class) and Mission Friends (the 3s). It was a little much to do both, but then I signed up for another year of both. We're going to change things up a little though. Curtis was my co-teacher this year, but in August he'll go back to the adult SS and be the assistant teacher there while I'll be teaming up with another teacher and we'll take on the 3s - which will be Daniel's class. She's actually staying in the same age as she taught, while I'm dropping down an age group. But I'm staying with the 3s in Mission Friends, so I'll be getting a double-dose of Daniel and his buddies each week (the class is based on the child's age on or before September 1st, the school cut-off date. It gets confusing 'cause all of my kids have fall birthdays!)

8. (Actually 7.5) So the gal I'll be teaching SS with next year is the wife of the guy who teaches our adult SS. So two couples are teaming up, which I think is really neat. I'm also Curtis will be back in the adult class because we've missed getting to know people and hear about what's going on. FB helps, but it's not the same. There were a few faces at the SS Memorial Day party I recognized from church, but I didn't know them very well. 

9. Curtis is trying to put boys to bed and I'm trying to finish this. I think I may need to just give it up though. Good night!