Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ten on Tuesday 8/26/15

  1. I replaced a bike inner tube for the first time ever yesterday. I felt very accomplished.
  2. My 5 year old has gotten in trouble about 40% of the days so far this school year. He can't stop talking! I never really thought about it, but when he's with the rest of the family, he talks constantly! But then there are times he needs his quiet time and he's silently playing by himself for hours. 
  3. Curtis and I are both leaders in Zachary's Cub Scout Pack. It's so much fun being a part of the leadership team! A different experience from being the Mission Friends Director - the Pack Committee is a team, whereas the Director is
  4. Our cat is still having trouble; she doesn't use the litter box for #2, and doesn't keep her fur clean. I need to take her in again, as soon as I feel like dropping $200 just to hear that they don't know what's wrong with her, but if I want to spend another $200 they'll do xrays and more diagnostics. Ugh.
  5. I'm very seriously considering doing something a little crazy with my hair. I'll give you a hint: teal.
  6. Tomorrow is the Boosterthon Fun Run at the elementary school. Last year I sat with Zachary while he called extended family members and asked them to pledge him. They all did. This year, however, we want to sell boy scout popcorn, so Z and D have only their parents' pledge for the fun run. 
  7. Eli is extremely competent at turning on Netflix to watch his favorite shows. He's found a little loophole though. He'll get partway through an episode (or if he's watching something that has two parts, he'll get through the first part) and then claim "that was the wrong one!" and switch to another episode. "Time to turn it off!" I'll say. "But I haven't finished it yet!" he'll say, after starting two or three different things without finishing anything.
  8. Speaking of Eli, I finally got him in to see Mrs. Becky and she's accepted him for speech therapy. It'll still be a couple weeks before we start regular sessions, but at least the ball's out of my court now.
  9. I've taken on a freelance translation job, translating marine engine jargon from English to French. It's slow going, because I simply don't know all the vocabulary, but it's fun. The hardest part is keeping Eli occupied while I work.
  10. It's put a kink into my routine that Sam's Club has suspended their online photo system, due to a third party's database being compromised. I appreciate the concern for safety, but it's still a little frustrating that it's been over a week and still not back up. This means switching to a different system to print pictures this month for Mission Friends. At Sam's, they'll print 2-up wallets for 40¢ or something like that, so we put one pic in the kids' "passport" and the teachers can use the other pic for something else or send it home. But Walgreens (my alternative since it's close to my house) prints wallets 4-up for 99¢. So it costs more, and we're left with 3 extra photos no one knows what to do with. Hoping Sam's will have their system back up soon.


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