Thursday, July 30, 2009

The only titles I could think of were terrible cliches

It's gloomy today and has me feeling all nostalgic (or perhaps it's because I'm home again after being away)

The radio is playing the same songs we listened to when we first moved to Nashville (why don't Christian stations have more songs?), so I keep thinking about that little apartment we were in and we didn't have kids and I was looking forward to starting my first full time job.

The weather is cooler, and cloudy, and reminds me of fall and going back to school. I keep thinking about those First Day of School days.

I stand in my backyard with my pregnant belly and keep thinking about standing in that same spot with a pregnant belly two years ago (is Z really almost TWO??).

Why do we get sad about time passing? Why do we look back and long for "the way things were"? There's so much ahead to look forward to! For us, it's the end of DH's graduate journey: he will receive his doctorate on August 7. We will be leaving Nashville, as there are no job prospects here for him but plenty in other places. Though sad, we're excited about moving to a new city. And we have a new little one on the way, who is going to change our lives as completely as Z did when he arrived. So why do I keep dwelling on the past? I'm letting the lack of sunshine get to me. (This is why moving to the northwest would be so difficult for me).

Well, Z is awake and loud, so I better get him out before he destroys something or hurts himself. I bet he'll help pull me out of this funk :)

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ehart said...

It is easier to regret the past and dwell on what might have been rather than to look to the future and anticipate the blessings that God has planned for us.

Moving can be an adventure with new friends and new places to anticipate. This is not to say that you lose what you have but that you accept that this is the way it was and go on with a sense of adventure into the future. Everyone you meet is a potential friend or mission and every church has the potential to bring you closer to Christ or to show you what blinds the masses.

Yes, LB may be 2 (and you are coming quickly up on 6 years married) but mine are 16-23 and I am more than 26 years married. Having all that life behind me, it gives me the need and the desire to cherish and enjoy each moment for they pass all too quickly.

Yes, school starts again soon. And the hummingbirds are getting ready to migrate once more. The leaves are starting to fall....spend each moment looking for the adventure of the future.