Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Shirt 2010

Curtis has another Hawaiian shirt to add to his collection! I wasn't sure when I bought the fabric if I'd be able to get it done in time, but I did. It took 2 Sleeping Beautys, 1 Robin Hood, and 1 Finding Nemo (Z needed something to entertain him while I was sewing!). Unlike last year (post 1 and post 2) when I bought fabric on a whim and didn't have enough, this year I bought the specified amount of fabric, so the shirt is the right length. (Although when C tried it on it looks too long! I can't win.)
If I had read those posts from last year, I would have remembered that the pattern calls for much more fabric than I really need. Since I had so much left over, and C's shirt didn't take all week, I decided to crank out a couple more shirts:
Too cute, right? So all three of my boys have matching Hawaiian shirts! I couldn't get pictures of all three of them wearing them together, because it seemed like they were never all three wearing them at the same time! Z kept switching shirts, because he's 2.5 and it's his job to drive his parents crazy, and C was working on a painting project at one point so I made him wear an older shirt. The only one who wasn't going through the outfit changes was D, who's actually wearing his shirt again today because it's too cute. (Uncharacteristically, Z would not look at the camera; he was too busy telling his brother that I was taking pictures.)

Then I went back to the fabric store and bought just a bit more of the Hawaiian material (the last of the bolt) to make a skirt for myself as well as some jersey knit for a blouse. I got the blouse done but haven't started the skirt yet; I plan I'd like to get it done before we leave on our trip to CA. My new blouse:
Yes, that's the inside of our house :-) I'm standing in the doorway to the boys' room, and that's the kitchen island behind me. I'll get a new House Update post up soon. Speaking of our new house, another thing I'm really excited about is a dedicated place for my projects, including sewing. Because this got old real fast:

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Laurie said...

You did a very nice job on all the shirts and top for yourself.

You are so fortunate to be getting a separate room for sewing! I envy you! I had a room once for sewing, but the boys started keeping all their hunting gear in there. Hence, it's no longer my sewing room.

ehart said...

Everything looks great! Congratulations on getting C's shirt done this time without having to run back to the store.

I think the pattern companies call for extra fabric on purpose for those who are just starting out. Same with needlepoint and cross stitch kits. Somehow, crochet doesn't work out that way though--I always need more.