Monday, June 1, 2009


Look what I made yesterday!

It didn’t actually take me very long. It came from a kit that had everything included! Well, except pliers and glue. Glue wasn’t a problem, but my beading pliers are in my beading box, which neither DH nor I had seen in quite a while. I spent some time in the garage (which now noticeably less tidy than it was. I can lift things down, but not back up!) and finally found in a box, along with (I couldn’t believe it) a stack of 7 maternity shirts and 1 bra. The eight items that I have been sorely missing for about the last week. I knew I hadn’t gotten rid of them but couldn’t figure for the life of me where they were! The problem was that I had forgotten there are unsealed boxes in the garage, stacked up to LOOK like they’re all sealed and done, but they’re not. There was all kinds of stuff out there that I’d been kinda wondering where it’d gone! But anyway, back to the beading.

The necklace was a lot of fun to put together. All the materials were right there, and it even had illustrated instructions! (okay, the instructions were ALL illustrations with little to no text, but that’s okay). I’m planning on putting it on Etsy. I paid (get this) $3 for the kit on Walmart clearance (wait, Walmart clearance? Is there really such a thing?? I know! Feels like something out of the Twilight Zone! But our Walmart has been reorganizing and needed to clear out some things, even whole departments, so I’ve been taking advantage of the clearance aisles that won’t last much longer.) So I just need to clear $3 (plus tax) and the rest gets reinvested in the store (where “reinvesting” means I get to buy more materials :) ) So I’m hoping someone buys it.

So remember how my beading box was hidden in the garage? I knew mostly what was in it (pliers, scissors, string and wire, other materials, a bunch of seed beads…), but I had forgotten about some things I had finished that were still in there. Look at these!

I had totally forgotten I had made these! I’m excited to put them in my jewelry box and looking forward to picking outfits solely to match the jewelry so I can wear these pieces! I could put these on Etsy too, but I originally made them for me, and they took considerably more time to make than the necklace I just finished, so I’m going to keep them for now.

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ehart said...

Beautiful work!

I have a friend in the Arizona desert who finds and polishes rocks and crystals and makes her own jewelry from them.