Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Craigslist Story

We have a ton of things listed on craigslist. Listing items is free, so why not? It can be a hassle (I'll just say fridge and leave it at that), but getting rid of unwanted items, making a little money, and not having to fill up the trash bin is great.

As I have both bought and sold through craigslist, I have plenty of stories, most of them rather unremarkable in and of themselves. Yesterday, however, I completed a transaction sparked by craigslist that now ranks as my favorite craigslist story and is one worth blogging about.

This was DH's keyboard. It's a nice bluetooth one that came with a mouse as well. We won't talk about the battery-eating mouse, which may or may not be buried somewhere in this house. The keyboard worked fine, but DH wasn't using it and decided to list it on Craigslist for $5.

A gal named Julie emailed me that she was interest in the keyboard. She even brought her laptop with her so computer-guru DH could get it set up. (We weren't able to set it up and the error that was generated makes us wonder what she's got installed on that thing, because it was a very strange error. She didn't mind that we didn't succeed though, and assured us that she had some friends she was visiting this weekend who would relish the challenge.) I remembered to show her my list of other items listed on craigslist (I spent some time on that thing and kept forgetting to show it to people when they'd show up!) and she was interested in the skillet.

This was our main skillet. It's a nice big one, with a non-stick coating and a glass lid. Although heavy, it has the second handle so I can actually lift it when full of food. We used it a lot. But then my mom restocked our kitchen with what we consider to be the highest quality cookware available (if you like low-moisture/waterless cooking). I won't get into Cutco here, but I could. Anyway, we no longer needed this skillet, so it was listed on craigslist, also for $5.
Very cool! Sell off two things to one person! I love it! So I carried the skillet out to her car while she carried her laptop and new keyboard. As she was getting another $5 out of her wallet, I noticed a Safety 1st baby gate in her back seat. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I see you have a baby gate, you must have a little one too?
Her: No, I got that at (some other online something) for $10. The lady who sold it to me said it was easy to use, but it came with software or hardware or something (she shows me a ziplock bag with screws and anchors etc. in it. That would be hardware). I just wanted a little something for my bunny and I think this is more than I need.
Me: Well I think that's about as small as baby gates come, at least height-wise.
Her: Really? Well, I'm just driving around with it. I don't even have a bunny anymore.
Me: (not about to miss this opportunity) Um, do you want to get rid of it? I've got a five right here and and another five on the counter inside - how much do you want for it?!

She was very happy to sell it to me for $10 and I was perfectly happy to trade two items we're not using for one that we kinda really sortof need a lot. And I had just been thinking the other day about finding a baby gate on craigslist! Amazing how things work out. And this is a nice one too! Retail: $40.
The best part (for me) is that the hardware means it can be mounted at the top of stairs, and it swings! (You're not supposed to put pressure-mounted gates at the top of stairs because they can be pushed over. Not good.) So now I just need DH's help in installing it.

Yep, I love craigslist.

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