Friday, March 26, 2010

If I stall, maybe the baby will go back to sleep...

I've been writing blog posts in my head, but can't seem to make the time to type them up blah blah blah. You don't really want to hear about that; I say it because it makes ME feel better.

Right after I wrote those words I was interrupted by this:

This is a 2.5 year old who's walking funny, pointing 'down there', and saying, "Yuck!" It was so yucky, in fact, that he is now in the tub while I'm sitting on his bed where I have an oblique view of the tub (his room is technically the "master", but it opens right into the living room, so we took the room down the hall), trying to write this post that's apparently going nowhere, taking breaks every 10 minutes to check on The Infant Who Will Not Nap Unless Someone Is Holding Him.

It's okay though. I don't mind. I just wish I could blog a little more often.

The most exciting thing going on in our lives at the moment is that we're THIS close to making a decision on buying a house! We've gone round and round, back and forth about whether we should rent or buy? Rent a house or apt? Buy used or new? Which community? What school district? etc. ad infinitum. (quick break....nope, baby's not asleep yet)

This is the floorplan we really like:Hopefully I'll have some blog posts in the future centered around the construction progress.

Other things going on...

My sister (in law) is getting married! The wedding is set for the end of August and C and I are both in the wedding party! I have a date with a friend this evening to try on bridesmaid dresses.

Since we'll be in PA for the wedding in August, we decided not to go there for July 4th like we did last year. And since a planned vacation is a terrible thing to waste, we're headed to CA for the Fourth instead :-) There are several family members who've never met D, and we really can't let that go on too much longer. (Speaking of D, I think he's actually asleep! I now start the stopwatch and hope it lasts longer than 30min!). It will be a whirlwind tour of CA, as usual: fly into So.Cal, spend a few days; drive through Bakersfield to Nor.Cal, spend a few days (C will fly home at that point); drive back to Bakersfield, spend a few days; finally the boys and I will fly out of LA. Yay!

I've now been the Area Director here for AuPairCare for five months. I only have three Au Pairs, but there's one on the horizon and I have a couple marketing possibilities in the next couple months that will hopefully yield a few more. I really enjoy the customer service aspect: talking with the families, spending time with the Au Pairs, answering questions, etc., but the marketing is a little harder for me. It's not as difficult as making phone calls for Cutco (another position where I enjoyed the people part), and my manager is very supportive and caring (unlike Cutco where they get so many people come and go that they just don't spend too much time with any single person)(don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cutco cutlery and cookware, I just wasn't as good at the job). I lost my train of thought...moving on!

I should probably get Z out of the tub soon, but I remembered one more thing I've been meaning to post. I took this picture before packaging it up to send for my nephew (!!) before he was born:
(There's a whole backstory, but you know what? I just tried to tell you about it, but I can't remember exactly what happened! (Let's talk about sleep deprivation and its effects on short-term memory...) Anyway, I have a drawer full of almost another blanket worth of yellow and green squares, because at some point in the construction of the blanket I forgot what hook size I was using. )

I couldn't (obviously) post the picture before the gift was received and opened, and then, you know, life got in the way, and I still hadn't posted it 3 months later. BUT it turns out that I knew what I was doing because I received this picture earlier this week:
Yep, that's my nephew (how many times can I work that into a single post?) wearing the little jacket I made for him! It was really sweet of my sister-in-law to email it to me.

I hear awake (and not particularly happy) noises coming from the direction of not-where-I-am, and so I check my stopwatch, and sure enough! 30 minutes. Almost on the dot. I guess I'm done!

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ehart said...

Good to hear from you again. I remember those days when someone was awake and needing something 24/7.

Congrats on the job, the upcoming wedding, and the upcoming home. Someday, you'll be back. And they will sleep more than 30 minutes and take themselves to the bathroom.

Until then....

Laurie said...

Your life sounds extremely busy, but happy!

Congrats on all the new things in your life (baby, house, job, vacation, wedding). Whew! That's a lot of new things!

As ehart says, until then....