Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goin' to the chapel....

We finally made our hotel reservations for two nights in Birmingham, AL. We're going to a wedding :) The first of our college buddies. No, I guess we were the first, lol, so the NEXT of our college buddies. But let's go back a bit because I feel autobiographical.

DH is a year ahead of me in school. (was?) We met when I was a junior and he was a senior in high school (different high schools). So my senior year, he was at college. That year, he roomed with Carlos (from the same town, btw), and they hung out with Matt and Scott, who were roommates. The next year (his sophomore year, my freshman year. Yes, I did sorta follow him to school. But that wasn't the only reason I chose Tulane. I majored in French (along with two other majors) and they have an excellent French program and an excellent JYA (junior year abroad) program. In fact, the French program at Tulane was recently rated 6th in the nation!)....where was I? Oh yeah, the next year, the four of them roomed together in a suite: two double rooms (DH & Carlos, Matt & Scott) connected by a bathroom. I was in a different part of campus, in a double room with no roommate because she never showed up.

The NEXT year, the four of them managed to snag an on-campus apartment (VERY hard to get as juniors!): each of them had their own (itty bitty) room, there were two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a living room of sorts. (There were actually five bedrooms, but they didn't have the same fifth guy throughout the whole year, so that's not important). I got a spot in the newest dorms right across the street from the apts in a suite: a double room and a single room sharing a bathroom. I don't remember the name of the gal in the single, but I actually had a roommate this year. Her name was Julie and she was a year behind me. We didn't really hit it off, and she moved out for the second semester (leaving me alone in a double room, again. This didn't bother me too much, though, as I was rather accustomed to not having a roommate without the higher sticker price.)

That second semester is where you see the connection to the beginning of the post. Although she had moved out of my room, all of a sudden, we were seeing Julie again! In DH's apartment, hanging out with Scott, Carlos, and Matt. Not sure the exact connection, but somehow she became friends of our friends even though she and I weren't exactly friends (not enemies either though, just not buddies). Next thing we know, Julie and Scott were dating, and that's whose wedding we're going to next month. I think it's a fascinating story.

So we're looking forward to seeing all of them again. According to the wedding website, both Matt and Carlos are in the wedding. At first I was a little disconcerted that DH wasn't. But then I realized it's probably because he's already married and isn't there a tendency to not include married folk in the wedding party? Not that it really matters, but I felt better after realizing that.

Julie is half Korean, so, from what I understand, it's going to be a half Korean wedding. We have some other friends where she's full Korean - they actually had more than one wedding ceremony. We enjoyed looking at their pictures and hearing about the customs. I'm looking forward to seeing how Julie incorporates her heritage.

I imagine it's going to be a rather fancy affair. It's at a rather fancy hotel. The wedding invitation highly recommended the hotel for "those in need in accommodation." Um, at $139/night? Sorry, we don't have that kind of budget. We got El Cheapo for $112 for TWO nights. I guess they think their friends and family are making the big bucks now that we've been out of school for 5-6 years? Yeah, NOT US! Or perhaps since they're having the wedding and the ceremony there (and probably the wedding night too), they kinda had to recommend the hotel for guests.

So what am I going to wear? It's in the evening. Exactly how fancy is it? AND, how big am I going to be? Right now I can still fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes, but in five weeks? I'll be 17 weeks along, and if I remember right, at 17 weeks with LB I was OUT of the pre-pregnancy stuff. I may have to go dress shopping the weekend before (bummer, right? ;) ). At least DH is easy: nice pants, dress shirt, and we'll pack a tie just in case. Oh, two dress shirts - we're invited to the rehearsal dinner. Crud, I need TWO dresses! Or one dress and one skirt/blouse. Prefer dresses though. Well, nothing I can do about it now. No point buying anything till it's a little closer!

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Anybody else have now have the song "Chapel of Love" stuck in their head?

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