Friday, May 15, 2009


DH and I have a new addiction. It's called Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. It's a computer game. One of the things that we really enjoyed doing together in college was play computer games. Specifically, "Hack 'n Slash RPGs" (role playing games). An RPG is one in which your character "grows" as you continue the game: s/he gains skills and attributes, learns things, increases in level, etc. "Hack 'n Slash" means that you spend a good deal of time killing bad guys. Usually fantastical creatures, undead, etc. You know, fantasy. There's magic involved, and a main storyline, as well as lots of side quests. We play in the same game, on the same "team", killing creatures and accomplishing quests together. We started with Diablo II and have played many since (including Sacred I).

This current one we're actually doing a little bit differently: we're not playing together. We're each playing, but not the same game. (Does that make ANY sense?). It's actually rather liberating. When we play together we have to actually COOPERATE. "Hey I need your help over here." "Wait, let's go look at this." "Have we finished this quest yet?" "Whose turn is it to get the goodies?" And we often found ourselves rushing through the game, throwing our character headfirst into a horde of bad guys because "if I don't get some kills, he/she will get all the experience/gold!" It started to get not fun. So now that we're not playing together, all of that went away. We're going at our own pace, able to take our time, use range weapons, complete quests in any order. Much better! But since we're both playing, we can still talk about it and compare notes, as it were. "Have you completed this quest yet?" "Watch out when you go in this cave." "How many health potions did you have to use against THAT guy?"

So our routine lately has been something like this: during the day, DH is at work, I'm at home. During LB's morning nap (okay, quiet time), I try to get all my chores done. During his afternoon nap, I play Sacred. (And if LB doesn't sleep during his morning nap, he sleeps in the afternoon and I get TWO GLORIOUS HOURS to play!). (When LB is awake, of course, I spend time with him, and finish any work that's left.) Then, after dinner, LB is in bed, DH plays Sacred until his time catches up to mine, and I have two hours or so to myself. I pamper my face, paint my nails, read (well, not so much. I have a hard time falling asleep after reading in the evening), whatever strikes my fancy. It's been really nice, actually. Before Sacred, we would watch a movie after LB went to bed, and then it got late and we were overly tired when we went to bed, which made the next morning hard.

The past few evenings, however, DH has had work to do. So I've been playing Sacred while he worked (keepin' him company, you know?) Consequently, I was six hours up on him! Well, he had a deadline on Wednesday, so he stayed up all night to finish the thing, and stayed home on Wed. Which made it feel like a Saturday. So I didn't get nearly as much accomplished. It just makes the rest of the week harder. But I have my iron supplement and fluffy pillow, so now I'm Super Woman, right?

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ehart said...

Well, probably not superwoman but keep telling yourself you feel great anyway.

My sons like to play games like that but since we're on dial-up, they only play WII and other Nintendo decks.

That's all the bigger you were at 10 weeks????? I looked five months at 10 weeks.

Jennifer said...

We don't play on the internet. Just the local network between our two computers.

I'm a little bigger now, so I guess I should put up a new picture :)