Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning From Your Children

Never trust that because your child is being quiet and you can see the top of his head over the couch that all is well. I was enjoying my coffee, surfing the internet (okay, reading blogs), and LB was quietly sitting on the couch. I should have known better!! When he got bored of whatever he was doing and I had to stop him from climbing over the couch into the forbidden computer area, I saw what had occupied him so long: he had gotten hold of a container of Vaseline and its contents are now smeared all over the couch. Eww!! I am SO grateful that we have a cover on the couch! (I was grateful before, because it's not a very pretty couch, but now I'm even more so.)

Next up on today's Parade of Daily Activities:
take a shower wash couch cover


Laurie said...

Typical boy! I had a little demon like that once upon a time!

ehart said...

Yep, me too. I've cleaned up celery, butter, flour, eggs, and poop too.

Boys are fun but they do get into stuff.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, almost as soon as LB was born my motto became "everything is washable" The few things we have that supposedly aren't machine washable are either up in a closet, or I've washed them.