Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Diaper Pail Uses

We use cloth diapers and have two diaper pails - one in LB's room (for wet diapers) and one in the bathroom (for messy diapers, because you have to drop the poop in the toilet first). The bathroom also houses the catbox. I used to use cloth liners in the diaper pails (because that's just what cloth diapering mommies DO) but realized that if I used plastic liners, the diaper pails could serve multiple purposes.

One of my chores on Thursday is getting all the trash out of the house (trash pickup on Friday). That includes changing the cat box. I don't remember exactly what I used to do, but it was messy and gross. Now, after I start a washer load for the messy diapers, the empty diaper pail becomes a trash can. I just dump all the used litter in the pail, take out the plastic bag, and put it in the garbage bin. So much easier!! Then I put a fresh plastic bag in the diaper pail and it's all ready for the next messy diaper!

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Nikki said...

You are very smart. I don't have cats- but I'm trying to figure out how I can multi-purpose the diaper pail liner. hmm...

Jennifer said...

Thanks :)

I think the pail liner could be used for any task that has the potential to get all over the place. Do you have a shredder that has to be emptied? Or gardening/yard debris? What about changing the vacuum cleaner bag? That can be a messy job.

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