Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost pictures? Sure, you get your envelope back from the developer and misplace it, or take some out to put in an album and can't find them later, or take them to someone's house to show them off and forget them, or leave them in the car, or a million other ways to lose pictures.

How about losing digital pictures (which are hard to "misplace" to begin with) IN YOUR COMPUTER?

Yes, I misplaced digital pictures in my computer. They were no longer on my camera, so I know I uploaded them to the computer, but I couldn't find them. For the life of me. And they were really special pictures too: pictures of LB's first birthday party and videos of his first steps! If I had gotten them uploaded to the online photo albums and the video blog and THEN lost them, then that's okay (which is what happened to all pictures taken in the month of May, but IT WASN'T MY FAULT - the hard drive died).

But these pictures and videos had never been uploaded and shared, and I couldn't find them.

Well, I was organizing files on my computer (because there aren't enough dirty dishes in the sink yet to warrant getting out of my chair) and I found them!! (I know, you saw that coming).

I am so glad! I mean, LB's been walking since September, and no one's seen these videos of his first steps! Let alone the minute-by-minute action shots of eating his first cupcake. So the pictures are uploaded. The videos are uploaded. And I'm just waiting for YouTube to finish processing the last video before I can update the video blog. Yay!


ehart said...

If this ever happens again, you can do a search of your computer for pictures by going to Start and the finding the seach button. You can also do it from the documents folder.

I've lost stuff and had to seach for it before. I also had to search for the remnants of an old anti-virus that kept stalling the computer in the mornings.

Glad you found them. I'm off to take a peek.

Jennifer said...

You're right. I could have done a search. It was one of those things that was bothering me, but I hadn't set aside time to really figure out where they were.

Searching can be frustrating too, though, if I don't remember 1)the file name or 2)the date the file was created!