Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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I was over at a friend's house last night for a couple hours. She has three kids. One thing I noticed in particular is that she wasn't afraid to continue what she was doing even though there was a kid demanding her attention. I have a tendency to not do much in the way of chores when LB is awake because he interferes (and I only have ONE little one running around!) But then when he goes down for a nap, it's such a relief to have time to myself, that I still don't always get all my work done! So, I'm going to try a different approach: I'm going to be more productive when LB is awake (unless he's irritable or he wants to read books or play with blocks or something else with me) and then when he's napping, I can enjoy "me" time with less guilt.


She changed her baby's diaper on her lap! She's done it before and it blows my mind. It would never occur to me to do that! I've changed LB's diaper on the floor and on an airplane seat and in the back of the car, but never in my lap. Not that the idea grosses me out (remember, I play with poop every day), but it just seems like you have less control, especially if the diaper is messy or the baby is particularly squirmy. Does she do it because she has three kids and just doesn't have the luxury of using a changing table or other surface? Are disposable diapers that much more convenient? Or are baby girls simply more compliant?


Laurie said...

I remember only changing DS's diaper on my lap once. That was when he was only a day old and the nurse in the hospital put him on my lap and said, 'Here, change his diaper.'

I looked at her rather oddly and she rolled her eyes and gave me a diaper. It was his first poopy one!!! I was so afraid I was going to get it all over myself. Yuck! I never did that again!

I used to incorporate DS into whatever I was doing housework-wise. Such as, if I was cooking or cleaning the kitchen, I would give him pots and pans and let him have at it. I'd tell him that mommy was going to be cooking and he could too! He loved it.

If I was folding laundry, I would give him a few items to fold. LOL! It was always fun and he always wanted to help! I got more done when I did things that way!

Good luck with LB and getting things done! It is a challenge!

ehart said...

When I had one baby, I couldn't change him anywhere except on a flat surface.

By the time the fifth boy got here, I could change him anywhere, anytime. It doesn't have so much to do with the baby or the diaper as it has to do with having changed 10,000 diapers already. The more you change, the more adept you get at it. Pretty soon, you'll be able to whip a diaper on and off a kiddo, poopy or otherwise, and have a new one on and not even you will really realize you did it.

Yep, do stuff with him and then rest when he does.

Jennifer said...

Laurie - the nurse made a brand-new mom change the first poopy diaper on her lap?? Wow, she wasn't very caring, was she?

ehart - five boys, wow!! I bet there isn't much you can't say "been there, done that"!

I should try to incorporate LB into my chores. I'd rather just play with him and leave the chores for "later" lol.