Monday, January 26, 2009


Why is Christian music all mixed up? I tune to the Christian station, and I get light rock, country, rap, gospel... But if I listen to "secular" music, I can choose just country, or just light rock etc. It frustrates me because I enjoy listening to the Christian station, but I don't care for some of the music styles they play. Are there not enough Christian artists or not enough Christian listeners to separate the music into different categories? I can't imagine that's true. It feels like whoever determines what the station plays thinks that as long as the song has a good message (or the artist claims to be a "Christian" artist), it's okay to play on the Christian station. Oh, and doesn't it seem like the Christian stations play more commercials more often too? What's up with that?

My solution: Pandora


ehart said...

It's probably more of a lack of Christian radio stations. Where I live there is one Christian radio station--maybe two--but secular stations all over the place.

The good news is that some Christian songs become so popular that they show up on secular stations.

Personally, I prefer to puchase the CDs and not listen to radio.

Just a thought.

Jennifer said...

My CD collection can't grow because our budget is so tight :( Although when I was listening to CD's, I was missing hearing the new songs, so I still do like to listen to the radio.

I really like Pandora though. There are no commercials, I can skip songs I don't like, and the "station" customizes the songs to what I like! It's really neat.