Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daniel Update: Solid Foods

Daniel started solid foods earlier this month :-)
He's a good nurser, but has been less than enthusiastic about rice cereal. He prefers it mixed with breastmilk or formula; if I mix it with water I'm lucky to get 3 spoonfuls in before he completely refuses! Over the next few weeks we'll be starting veggies and fruits and trying some other types of cereal.

Yesterday was his 6 month birthday. Hard to believe 6 months can fly by that fast! He had his checkup and got his 6-month shots. He's doing great, right on track developmentally, and he hardly cried when he got his shots. Overall a very good appointment. And I even remembered to have the dr. fill out the sheet the church needs before Zachary can start Mother's Day Out in the fall. The only thing that went wrong was Z left his sticker in the waiting room.

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ehart said...

They grow up too fast.