Friday, May 21, 2010

A Puzzling Day

Another announcement: NOT ONLY is Daniel sleeping 10-12 hours at night, but he is now taking naps and sleeping in his crib (not in the pack-n-play) in the boys' room (no longer in the office)!!

It was such a relief to move him out of our room and into the office because we no longer had to creep around as we got ready for bed. Now we're excited to be able to use the office during naptimes and in the evenings again. You don't realize how often you use a room until there's a sleeping baby in it!!

We weren't sure how it would go, putting the two boys in the same room at night, but so far (2 nights) it's been going well. Daniel goes to bed significantly earlier than Zachary, so he's usually out cold by the time we're getting Z into bed. D still wakes up at night once in a while and needs a little comfort, but so far Z has been able to sleep through it. The morning is a different story: D wakes up early and has been waking Z up too. Z does not do well being woken up early. If it continues I think I'll just insist Z go back to bed for another 10 minutes or so.

With Daniel napping in the bedroom, I decided to remove the temptation Z might have to bug him and possibly wake him up, so I moved all the toys and books out of the bedroom and into the living room:
(Do you think we have enough books? What if I told you there are TWO BOXES FULL OF BOOKS in the boys' closet? Hey, does anybody have a bookcase or two they'd like to give us?)

I had to move the futon mattress that we're stubbornly holding onto; it's now in our bedroom, where a stack of plastic storage bins used to live. They are now in the office, where the pack-n-play used to be. It is now folded up and put away (or should be by the time you're reading this...). It's like a puzzle!! Fun!! Just another joy of living with too much stuff in an apartment. I SO can't wait till we can move into our house...

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