Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Legacy Update: Foundation Progress

Since the boys are occupied (one is napping (THANK YOU!!) and one is playing with Fisher Price people) and I'm on the computer anyway, thought I would give you an update on the house since we took a couple more pictures.

They've started framing for the foundation:
It's always amazing to me how small the house looks when it's just an outline in the ground! Is there really enough space there for us and all our crud??

Then they dropped off mounds of gravel:

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ehart said...

Sorry to have missed so many posts. I'll try to check in more often now. It's just been crazy here.

Yes, foundations do look too small to be a house big enough for stuff. Somehow they manage to be bigger once they have a house sitting on them.

Looks like you're off to a great start.

Jennifer said...

No apologies! I haven't posted regularly in months and then I put up several posts in a row. I've also been terrible about reading blogs and especially about commenting (though that only seems to get me in trouble), so no worries :-)