Monday, May 17, 2010

A Mobility Mystery...

Well, the long blog posts have got to go. As much as I enjoy them, I am not making the time to finish them - they sit in my drafts folder until the subject material is obsolete. So, now that I've freed myself of that burden, hopefully I'll be on here a little more often. What I can't do in quality I'll just have to make up for in quantity, right?

Today's post: an announcement! Daniel is mobile!! ...I think. The evidence:

I had left Daniel on the blanket (and on his back, if I remember correctly); when I looked again, he was not only on his tummy, facing a different direction, he was also completely off the blanket. Now, I don't know if he had help. There is evidence that Big Brother was lurking: the cowboy boots had also appeared since I last appraised the scene. (And as I was getting the camera out, Z was trying to put them on D's feet.) But I have yet to catch him in the act of actually moving from one location to another, so whether he is actually mobile remains to be seen.

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Laurie said...

The mystery! Did big brother help, or did Daniel do it all on his own? LOL! Have fun figuring it all out!

ehart said...

Maybe a little bit of both.

Good to hear from you again.