Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Legacy Update: Broken Ground

New house update: They broke ground last week! They dug a shallow hole a little bigger than the foundation and filled it with different dirt.

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Anonymous said...

Since you have no way to contact you and in case you miss my reply on dude and sweetie, here it is. But first, really? How dare you? To criticize someone you don't even know? And who's watching your child while you trash strangers on the internet? Being judgemental, cowardly and cruel are fine parenting examples to set. I don't ever say anything about a person that I wouldn't say to them-which is why I'm addressing it here.
(And making sure you know about it. In addition to being a fantastic mom-I'm also not a coward.)
Hey, this is Amy of the above trashed Amy's Blam.
And? I pretty much agree with everything the author says in this post because? I'm pretty much the strictest mom on the planet. My child has more rules and such than ANY other kid I know.
We spend most of our time together as a family, I'm often told I'm the meanest mom ever for all the things I won't let her do that her friends do. I pulled her out of a dance school because I thought their costumes were inappropriate.
And I have a fantastic kid who gets straight A's, uses her ma'ams and sirs, is helpful and kind and just got put into her school's gifted program. And she was one of the few in her grade.
My blog? Is a HUMOR blog-I don't talk about my child seriously or post pictures or even refer to her by name because the world is SCARY and there happen to be crazy people out there, unfortunately, who lurk around the internet and are just sucktastic.
I'm not a serious parenting, or anything blog, which is why EVERY blog I've ever posted is tagged with HUMOR. Which some people may need a sense of.

Jennifer said...

wow Amy! You're something else! I can only imagine the amount of effort you spent to find me! I admit I'm rather flattered. I had no idea you would even care. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, it was not my intent.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and usually find it pretty funny. I wasn't quite sure how to take the post I referenced. I sometimes feel that your humor is more negatively focused and so perhaps that was the source of my misunderstanding. Perhaps you don't realize that someone who only reads your blog may never know what a great mom you are. Anyway, I don't know if you clicked the checkbox to receive notices when someone comments after you do, so I'm going to leave this comment on your blog as well, to make sure you get it. Thanks for taking the time to tell me how upset you are and I appreciate the visit!

Laurie said...

ROFL! WOW! Thanks for the great laugh, you all! (Yes, I'm being a little bit - notice I said "little bit" sarcastic, because I find this pretty humorous!)

First off, Jennifer, I admire you for apologizing not once, but twice to Amy. But apparently her sense of humor isn't serving her too well at this point. Secondly, we all make bloopers from time to time. Personally, I make them all the time, because I'm just ditzy like that. But I do try to make amends or apologize for those moments. Most of the time people have the graciousness to accept my apology, but if they don't - hey, no skin off my fat nose!

Secondly, someone really has their panties in a twist. I'm not going to say who or I might be dubbed an "Internet Asshole" for sure, which I personally think is a whole lot more offensive than suggesting to another blogger that they not read someone else's blog! Which if I read it correctly, they weren't really serious (which usually means they're being sarcastic) by saying they'd like to see said blogger post comments on the quoted blog (which is actually suggestive to go read the blog)!

Amy, I realize that you are upset, and whether I agree with what Jennifer wrote as a comment is besides the point, but really, girl, I think you went a bit too far by the name calling - but that's just my opinion! Which we know everyone has one!

If you think that suggesting to another that a certain blog should be avoided is wrong, but you feel justified in calling that person names, then I guess you aren't in any position to judge, are you? I know you're trying to be humorous, and that's fine, but I actually found your blog post and comments (as humorous as they were) to be hurtful! But then again it might not matter to you as your readership probably soars when you spout off titles on your blog that call people "internet assholes."

And you don't need to bother clicking on my blog to read it as you'll find it as boring and useless as the fairies on Jennifer's blog!

Jennifer said...

Hi Laurie! Thanks for adding some perspective to this drama :-) I wish others had been able to approach the situation with your objectivity and sense of humor!

Laurie said...

Hi Jennifer! Well, personally, although I find Amy's posts rather humorous, I just don't like vulgarity! Call me a prude, I guess! Maybe I'm just too old to listen to all that crap! I think one can be humorous without cussing every other word! JMO!

And name calling is nasty and rather elementary, if you know what I mean!

BTW, on a happier note, your new home will be beautiful, your babies are beautiful, and you, my dear, are beautiful!

So keep on updating your blog, I've been enjoying "catching up" on your life!