Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The other night at dinner DH commented that I was brave for feeding DS with my fingers and not flinching when he got food all over my arm (DH jumps back several feet if a grubby hand moves in his direction.) I looked at him blandly and said, "I play with poop every day, why would I be scared of sticky hands?" Perspective, you know? Later, I was upstairs in the hall bathroom, playing with poop, and realized that what I had said was true: I do play with poop every day! I'm either shaking baby poop out of a diaper (we're a cloth diaper family) or I'm scraping cat poop out of the cat box (we have two cats - see pic in sidebar). Some days I get to do both. Yay for me!


Laurie said...

This is hilarious, but so true, so true!

I used cloth diapers, too!

Jennifer said...

Another cloth diapering mommy! That's so cool :)