Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cobweb remover

I learned this cleaning tip recently and thought it was great! For an inexpensive cobweb remover, use a paintbrush! It's small enough to carry around while you're cleaning, it can get into those tight spots that cobweb brushes can't get, and it's easy to clean: just rinse it in the sink or wipe it on a rag.
You can use any size. The one I use is 2 1/2 inches because that's what I found in the garage. The one pictured is 1-inch and costs a whopping $0.79 at Lowes. The one downside is that you'll need a step ladder or to stand on furniture to reach high places, but that's not so bad, is it?

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Laurie said...

What a great idea!

I think it would be good for the dust that accumulates on top of picture frames and door posts too!


Jennifer said...

I wonder if a paintbrush WOULD work well as a duster. I'd be concerned about flinging all the dust in the air instead of capturing it. I like using rags and such. But let me know if you have success dusting with it!

Laurie said...

Well, you have a good point, but I usually start high in the room, then work my way down.

I'm thinking the dust from the door jams would fall to the lower portions of the room which I would be dusting later. But who knows?

Miss Elizabeth said...

Could you have a short one and a long one.. take one and duct tape it (with your favorite color of duct tape), to a pole or yard stick? Not sure if by that point it would be less expensive then the actual duster.

Jennifer said...

Elizabeth - another idea is to use a garden glove on top of a long pole for those hard to reach places. (No duct tape required = easier to take apart for storage) I don't know if the cobweb dusters are that expensive, but they're bulky and not easy to clean. (What's the point of removing the cobwebs from your ceiling if you leave them on the brush in your storage closet or garage?) Sorry to take so long to respond - I'd been meaning to.