Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Reminders

I have found that little reminders throughout the day are very helpful! My phone allows for several alarms to be programmed, and to repeat only on certain days if I wish. I thought I'd share what reminders I've found helpful. Your schedule, of course, may be different, and you may have other reminders. If your phone doesn't allow for multiple alarms, perhaps your email program does (Outlook does). The trick is to be sure the alarm is loud enough for you to hear it. And be sure not to schedule alarms to go off during regular events (such as church)!

6:00am - Time to get up (repeats Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun) Notice it doesn't go off on Saturdays - my one day to sleep in (if only DH didn't have so much work and he could watch LB for a while...)

8:30am - Hot Spot fire drill (repeats on weekdays) Hot spots are those pesky places that always seem to collect clutter. A hot spot fire drill is five minutes to clear it off. For me, it's my kitchen island.

9:15am - Where's your laundry? (repeats weekdays) This is when I usually get a load started because LB has gone down for a nap

11:00am - Are you drinking water? (repeats Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat) Why is this so hard to remember to do??

1:30pm - Where's your laundry? (repeats every day) Switch the load into the dryer

3:30pm - What's for dinner? (repeats every day) I've already meal planned for the week, so each day I just need to figure out when to start dinner so it's ready on time

5:00pm - Hot spot fire drill (repeats every day) Amazing how that spot attracts the crud!!

7:00pm - Where's your laundry? (repeats every day) Get the load out of the dryer and take the time to at least fold, if not put away. It won't take that long, really! (Yes, I need the pep talk EVERY TIME)

9:30pm - Go to bed (repeats Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun) Now, if we actually DID go to bed before 10, that 6am alarm wouldn't be so bad!

I hope you find something helpful here, it certainly works for me!

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Daiquiri said...

Wow - you're WAAAY more organized than I am! Love the "hot spot" idea - might have to give that a try.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So nice to meet you :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Don't you love that alarm features! I like how you use them so much. I should add a few more. I also use google calendar and syncs with my phone and I can have those give me "pop" up reminders like before I need to leave or such.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting Daiquiri! (I'm sure having the reminders means I'm organized though - it's really easy to turn the alarm off and keep doing what I was doing...)

Elizabeth - those "pop up" reminders are what I used during college. That's what I was referring to in my post when I mentioned using an email program :) Oh, and you can disregard the comment I left on your blog recently about trying to figure out how to put songs on the alarms - I finally found the answer online

Veggiemomof2 said...

I have my phone set to go off at 8:30 every night to go to my room for devotional & prayer time before bed.

Great tip to pass on!