Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Backyard

Our peach tree is in full bloom. It is so pretty!

Speaking of blooms, did you know that Rosemary blooms? I didn't know that until we planted it. I don't think it bloomed the first year, or maybe even the second year, but it's in bloom now too.

The peony, however, is looking as dead as it did last October. I seem to remember it sprouting sooner than this last year. It's probably good though. We want to take it with us when we move, so we've been meaning to dig it up. Should probably do that soon...

So since our house is on the market and we don't plan to be here past July, we didn't plant a garden this year. It's kind of sad (though there's a part of me that's a little glad - it was rather frustrating last year because of the pests). The cats, of course, are ecstatic that their "giant kitty box" is still available. We did, however, plant some turnips because I like turnips and they can be planted before the last frost. So, while we appreciate the fertilizing benefit the cats provide, we're wondering whether the turnips will survive much more "benefaction".

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Laurie said...

Your peach tree is gorgeous!

I've never had rosemary bloom!

Enjoy the turnips!

ehart said...

On the peonies, it may be that the ground is too cold for one reason or another. I heard last year that peonies won't bloom unless there are ants on the buds.

I don't know.

Beautiful pictures!!