Saturday, March 7, 2009

Etsy Shop

I need a little help, dear bloggy friends. I'm looking to start an Etsy Shop. If you haven't heard of Etsy, it's similar to eBay stores (no auctions) but it's exclusively for handmade items. I have several crocheted items (including baby hats and booties and a market bag or two like the one in yesterday's post) and ideas for other items. But I'm having trouble coming up with a name, which means I can't even "open shop" and list items. I don't want to be limited to just crochet, but I want something interesting and memorable. I thought about some of the phrases from Proverbs 31, but "the fruit of her hands" and "fruit of her hands" are already taken (although they're not really active anymore) as is "Proverbs 31" (who hasn't sold anything since 2006). I don't know if I can get the name from them.

But I was wondering if anybody had any ideas. I'm not good with this sort of thing - my creativity doesn't do well with a blank slate. The last business name we came up with was "Board Game Bliss" - then it turns out there's an erotic game on the market called "Bliss". Oops.

So, any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

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Laurie said...

Over the last day, I've been trying to come up with a suggestion for a name for your etsy shop...but, alas, I must admit, I'm totally uncreative!

Good luck with the new venture!

ehart said...

I've heard of so many neat names for businesses. Everything from a signature item that is available almost as a "thanks for buying from us" token to the address or the street as part of the name. I also know a couple of people who named their businesses for their children. We had one business here in town that was the first letter of the names of everyone in the house. And then there's always naming it for your favorite book.

I suppose Titus 2 is also taken as it is a homemaking scripture along the same lines as Proverbs 32.

Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for trying :) I appreciate your help.

I'll see if Titus 2 or some phrase therein is available.