Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yeah, I'm still here (I think)

I haven't posted in a while. I haven't been feeling well. Just ask DH. I spent most of the weekend on the couch. DS and I watched all of Wives and Daughters on Saturday (third time. Thanks Elizabeth - let us know when you want it back, btw...) I'm also suffering coffee withdrawals. It's miserable. We watched a movie last night (Appaloosa, pleasantly unpredictable) wherein they drank a lot of coffee. It was torture. I got my act together enough to get a WFMW post up today though. (Gotta get those weekly numbers boosts!) We're supposed to be rearranging our house. It's something like this: the realtor wants our living room to have less stuff in it so it's obvious how big it is (because apparently potential buyers have no imagination). This is what it looks like now:

(Well, no, not really. RIGHT NOW it's a pig sty and I would be MORTIFIED if anyone were to knock on the front door and ask to come in) But that's what it's supposed to look like if anyone wanted to see the house. The realtor's problem is that it's divided into two rooms, because of the computers. Here's another view.

So she wants us to move the computers upstairs. In her mind: "Easy! They're only using two of the three bedrooms, just move that stuff out of the third bedroom, move the computers up, done!" What she doesn't realize: the cable connection (i.e., how we get on the internet) is in LB's room. If the computers go upstairs we have to put them in the room with the cable connection, so his stuff would have to move into the third room, which is not as empty as it looks. So, RIGHT NOW, LB's room is full of half-full boxes of baby clothes and sealed boxes of My Little Pony (I'm a collector. I should blog about that.). The third bedroom is so full of the stuff we pulled out of the closet, you can't even walk in it - you have to step over and around things, and there's one corner that's completely inaccessible to anyone but the cats (who, of course, take every opportunity to hide themselves in that corner so we have to drag them out and close the door behind us lest they have an "accident").

We decided to invite our bible study group to our house on Sunday, so the downstairs has to be PRESENTABLE by then, and my parents are coming the following week, so the upstairs has to be LIVABLE by then. And I haven't been feeling well (did I already mention that?). So I haven't blogged recently. Haven't uploaded any videos either. Are there any new videos? I'm not sure. I would check on that, but apparently uploading those couple photos, using Firefox, and listening to Pandora are all a little too much for my poor overworked computer, so I won't tax it any further. (yeah, doing those things should NOT be too much. Spiffy (that's my computer's name) needs a tuneup).

On the topic of "tuneup", LB's 18 month check up went well yesterday. The doctor gave him "straight A's" (she probably says that to all her patients). He only got one vaccine, and he didn't even cry. He kept his eyes on me the whole time, so I made sure to smile and say reassuring things. She (the dr) did refer us to a pediatric dermatologist to get an opinion on the hemangioma on LB's chest. (I'd post a pic but I don't have one. Oh, and even if I DID, looking for it would crash Spiffy, again.) It's not worrisome (yet), but it's largely subdermal, so she's being cautious. She also talked about doing an MRI and an ultrasound to make sure there were no hemangiomas on his organs. That sounds expensive. We're still paying the bills from his seizure last Oct.

Haha, here's a funny: my parents are coming next week and we're planning to go to Gatlinburg again. (Last time we went, LB had an unprovoked seizure. Click to read more). We're not staying in the same condo (but we're not superstitious or anything, really), but we MAY try to eat at the little cafe where IT happened (cue dramatic music).

Okay, that's enough nonsense, I should go do something "productive" (reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar over and over (and over and over...) is productive, right?)

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ehart said...

Sorry you've been sick. I was wondering if maybe you'd gone on spring break and forgotten to tell us.

I don't think buyer do have an imagination about how big or small things are. I also don't think realtors have a clue how difficult they make things for others (buyers, seller, and their neighbors!) so it's all probably a big conspiracy to get you to trim down all your stuff before you move.

Hmm, maybe they are in cahoots with the movers?

Jennifer said...

No spring break for us. DH is a grad student, which means he's not a student or an employee. We're just glad he gets a stipend.

Conspiracy, lol. I'm not sure how that would work though - wouldn't the movers want you to have lots of stuff so they get paid more? (bigger truck, more time, etc.) Us, we probably won't have the luxury of hiring movers; we'll be doing it all ourselves (again)

Laurie said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't felt well!

I'm happy that LB got 'straight A's'. Good luck with the rearranging of your living room.

Personally, I like your living room just the way it is. It looks very warm, homey and inviting!

Too much empty space makes a room feel cold and uninviting to me, but that's what most real estate agents like to see.