Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time Well Spent

DH has a lot of work to do this weekend (as always). So the plan was for him to get as much done as possible while I took care of LB. But LB had different ideas: he is absolutely insistent that his daddy read to him. We tried switching places, DH even tried hiding, but LB would not be gainsaid. It's really the sweetest thing in the world when he chooses to spend time with one parent. He doesn't consistently choose the same parent every time, so there are never hurt feelings. I don't know why he does this sometimes. Other times LB is perfectly content with either parent, or he plays by himself. But not this afternoon. So DH is sitting on the couch and reading the books that LB brings over to him. He'll still have to get the work done, but it can wait.

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Laurie said...

Awwww! How precious! Of course, Daddy knows it's worth every moment!

ehart said...

Your husband definitely made the right choice.

Miss Elizabeth said...

Just saying hi and that I was here and know its time for bed.

Jennifer said...

I think he does, Laurie, or else he wouldn't be doing it.

Yes, ehart, he did! (I won't mention that it had to be discussed and all points considered first)

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for visiting!