Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bible Study

I did my bible study for Sunday School tomorrow. When they passed out the new curriculum, I was excited that it was on Thessalonians - one of Paul's letters. I took a class in college on Paul and his letters and kept all my books. But when I sat down to do the study, none of my college books came in useful. I didn't even need my bible! The scripture passages were printed right in the workbook. The study was more about applying principles in our own lives. It was using the passage from Thessalonians more as an example and jumping off point.

It's interesting that "bible study" can have two such very different meanings! Both are valid, and very helpful and useful in learning more about God, his word, and our relationship with Him, but very different in practice.

I think I am going to bring one of my books to church tomorrow though. I like the translation better for that particular passage, and I think it's always helpful to have more than one translation, especially during discussions.

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