Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Morning

I realized this morning that I really like going to church. I love going to church! I love the communal worship, and then the learning more about God's Word from (essentially) a trained professional. I did not enjoy it nearly so much until after I was married. Maybe it was because once we were married, the choice is ours whether we go or not (and DH helped me work through the "guilt thing" I inherited from my mother's Catholic upbringing) and we get to choose where we go. I get such joy from being with other believers and learning about God.

My father-in-law (FIL) is a golfer and was thinking of golfing this morning. He kinda wanted DH (his son, if you're confused) to go with him, but we were planning on going to church. FIL made a couple comments about "trying to corrupt" DH. It really isn't a corruption thing. It really isn't! That's the guilt thing I've now gotten past. There is absolutely nothing wrong if DH and his dad went golfing instead of going to church. But I was going to church, because there was no reason not to, and I would have been sad if I didn't get to go. We found this fantastic church when we were living with DH's folks about three years ago, so I jump at any opportunity to worship there again. There's also a wonderful church in the city my parents live in (we were married in that one), but the way our visit to CA usually works, we don't get to go to it - we go up to my grandparents' house for most of the visit.

But I digress. I now look forward to going to church and miss it when we don't get to go. We heard an excellent sermon this morning, and sang the most beautiful Christmas songs (except the flute was out of tune. Oops! But how could she not hear she was so flat?? Agh! Stop it! It doesn't matter!) We've been talking of trying to go to the Christmas Eve service, but we may not because of the annual party at the grandparents' house (DH's maternal grandparents). I won't be upset if we don't go. There's so much going on in this family on the 24th (including a birthday) and being with family is so important (not to mention fun), that if going to the service would be a burden, it's not worth going. Besides, this morning's service was so excellent, that my soul feels fed enough to last until we get back to Nashville.

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