Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

There's a chain note going around Facebook called "25 Random Things". If someone tags you in their note, you're supposed to write your own note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself and tag 25 people. I was tagged and decided to play along. It seemed like a good blog post too, so here is my note:
  1. I’m a computer geek.
  2. I wrote this note in Word so it would be numbered automatically. (Although for Blogger I had to manually fix the HTML)
  3. I hate meal planning.
  4. I enjoy making the kitchen sparkle.
  5. I sometimes dream in French.
  6. I wish I had more opportunities to speak in French with others.
  7. I love crafting. My favorite craft, currently, is crochet.
  8. I’m in love with my husband. Immeasurably.
  9. I am fulfilling my dream of being a mommy. I love my son more than words can say.
  10. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and am learning, everyday, to surrender to God’s will.
  11. I sometimes worry that I’m not teaching my son enough about who God is.
  12. I love music – it’s always playing in the house or car.
  13. More than listening to it, I love making music. I am overjoyed to be a part of the worship team at church.
  14. My default behavior is to listen and observe. I’m working on remembering to initiate small talk and participate with those around me.
  15. I worry too much about what others think of me. (It made writing this note needlessly difficult.)
  16. I’ve learned that I need time with others (other adults, that is…) as much as I need “me” time.
  17. I hate being cold, but I can’t sleep if it’s too hot.
  18. I have only ever been consistently, comfortably, warm when I was pregnant.
  19. I find my attitude to be too much tied to the weather – I struggle with gloominess when the sun’s not out.
  20. I love cats. We have two, and I love them almost as much as I love my son and husband.
  21. I like other people’s dogs.
  22. I love being outdoors (unless it’s too cold out…), especially when it’s sunny.
  23. I think car camping is wimpy. If you’re going to go camping, the campsite should inaccessible to cars (and farther away from the parking lot than just a few hundred yards).
  24. My favorite color is yellow. Most of my wardrobe, however, is pink.
  25. I have a purse addiction. I can’t just walk past the purse department, and am still searching for the perfect purse. (My idea of “the perfect purse” changes every few months.)
If you write your own note, come back here and leave a comment with a link to your post!

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