Friday, February 13, 2009

My new toy

My iPhone arrived today!! This morning. And I have done very little since but play with it :D We got the wi-fi working right off the bat, followed shortly by turning off the Edge network. Easy! I've updated the operating system and installed a dozen apps already. Addicting little thing! The ebay listing was exactly right: the case has some minor nicks and scratches, but the screen is absolutely flawless. Yay! I need to get a screen protector for it. It came with a hard case, so that's good.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the headphone jack. I plugged some headphones in and the volume kept changing and there was a lot of static coming through. It seemed like the iPhone casing wouldn't let the headphone plug push all the way in. Kinda weird. Most of the accessories bundles I've been considering (on eBay of course) include compatible headphones (with a microphone too), so hopefully that'll take care of the problem. I'll let you know how it goes.

Of course LB has been insisting on playing with it, but I don't think little boys should play with iPhones. He got to play with my other phone, and he plays with DH's phone, but this is different, because of the touch screen. Little boys aren't particularly gentle, you know. The trick is to never let him play with it, then there won't be any confusion. I'll let you know how that goes too!


Miss Elizabeth said...

Here are some Apps I enjoy:

Weather bug
Streaks Free (the free version, haven't bought the full thing)
Lose it (I've been playing around with it)
Shopper (I've only started to use this)
There are tone of women calendars. I'm only use a free version of cycles though I probably eventually buy something else
my lite

most of them are all free.

As far as the head jack. iphone has made their head jack that way, extra deep. Do you have the 2G or 3G? You an buy and adapter piece so your other headphones work.


Jennifer said...

Thank you!! You're awesome!!! I'll have to steal some time today to play with some of those :)

Thanks for the info on the headphone jack. I have the 2G. I'll have to look for that adapter piece if I don't get some iPhone-specific headphones in an accessory bundle.

(You know you can take the credit for this new addiction, right? lol)

Laurie said...

Enjoy you new toy, Jennifer! It's amazing all the features that those things have. Alas, they should be called iEverything!

Sorry for the disappearing act, but I'm back!

Jennifer said...

Laurie!!! I've been wondering what happened to you! Glad you're back :)