Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The radio is so mean

LB loves VeggieTales. He would watch them all day long if he could. His favorite DVD is the Silly Songs Collection.

This morning, Mike Nawrocki, one of the creators of VeggieTales, is on the Doug & Kim Morning Show. So, naturally, they played the VeggieTales intro song. As soon as it started, LB looked at the TV, and before the song had ended, he had turned the TV on and dragged me over so I could get everything working. I tried explaining that it's not on the TV and I kept pointing at the radio, but he dissolved into tears anyway. <feigned indignation> What a mean trick! He can hear the intro song, but there's nothing to watch! They're messing with my baby's world model. </feigned indignation>

Speaking of messing with LB's world model, DH got a little grumpy at me last week for doing just that. I was trying to watch American Idol, and since it's music, I thought LB would enjoy watching it with me, rather than putting him to bed before it starts. He watched some of it at the beginning, but I guess because I was muting the commercials he had a hard time staying focused. So, since HE wasn't interested in watching, NOBODY could watch: he kept turning the TV off. I dug the TV remote out of the drawer so I could keep my behind firmly planted on the couch.

Poor baby! He would turn the TV off, and it would turn itself back on! He couldn't figure it out!! He'd turn it off, it'd turn right back on. Then he'd turn it off, and it would stay off for a little while, so he'd turn it on, and then it would turn off, and then back on! And this continued for quite some time!! Over and over... (It was during commercials). I was laughing so hard. I realized I was teasing him, but the confusion was so cute. I could just see his little brain working, trying to figure it out. He didn't realize he was missing a piece of the puzzle - he had never seen the TV remote before, we don't usually pull it out (the volume is controlled by a different device).

When I told DH about it later he didn't seem to find it as funny as I did. Guess you had to be there...


ehart said...

I think it's funny. A bit cruel but funny.

Jennifer said...

If only being cruel weren't so funny sometimes, we wouldn't be so tempted to it! <dramatic sigh>