Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm so behind

I haven't posted a video to the video blog since Jan. 30, and those were missing videos I'd finally found, so there hasn't been a new video posted since the 26th. That's two weeks today! I feel so remiss. What makes it worse is that I HAVE videos to post! At least three. Really cute ones too. I can't wait to share them! The problem is that they need to be edited: a couple need to be combined into one, bits need to be chopped out, and I think one needs to be shortened. I have some software installed, but I'm totally unfamiliar with it and kinda want DH to walk me through it. Oh and there's the nagging problem of not having the right codec for the software to be able to spit out high quality video. So even if I figure out how to use the software without DH's help, I still won't have anything to upload to wjcolion. Ugh!

On a positive note, I got the Pandora widget to work in my sidebar! Finally, I have a widget that makes the sidebar worthwhile!!

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