Tuesday, February 17, 2009

iPhone Apps

As you can imagine, I've been playing with my iPhone almost nonstop since it arrived Friday. I've just about got it the way I want it. I've been figuring out which applications I want through trial and error (I love how easy it is to install and delete apps!) and want to share what I've learned. I also spent some time figuring out how to organize all these little icons on the screens. The easiest way for ME to do that was using little pieces of paper and organizing them on the counter, then organizing them in the phone:

Okay, so here are the applications I'm using:

The four permanent icons across the bottom
  • Phone - self explanatory
  • Speed Dial #1 - just touch and it dials the phone number I set, which is DH, of course
  • Pandora - free internet radio. If only it would keep playing when I change apps.
  • Camera - self explanatory
Screen 1: Home Screen
  • Mail - email
  • Facebook - Pretty full featured for an iPhone app!
  • Bible - Free ASV version, also has daily readings for reading the Bible in one year.
  • Clock - standard app comes with phone. I use the timer feature to help get housework done (I can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes - Thanks FlyLady!)
  • Streaks Free - I like. Thinking of purchasing the full version. Each day I complete something, I mark an X on the calendar - once I have a streak going, I want to continue it! Free version has only one calendar; mine is "Chores". Other streaks I want to track: Bible reading, laundry, shiny sink at bedtime (Thanks FlyLady!)
  • mySticky Lite - Electronic sticky notes. I like too. So far I'm happy with the free version. My notes at the moment: Streaks (until I buy the full version), things to blog about, apps I want to find
  • Tasks Tick It Off - This is the app I use to organize my weekly chores. I have one list for each day of the week (Thanks FlyLady!)
  • iProcrastinate Mobile - This is the task app I use to organize to dos regarding our businesses and misc. household stuff
  • Outliner Lite - This outline app is perfect for organizing my monthly chores - each week I focus on detailed cleaning in a particular zone (5 zones in all) (Thanks FlyLady!)
  • Mint.com - quick peek at how we're doing with our budget. Doesn't allow any editing though, gotta log in through the website for that.
  • WeatherBug - Detailed weather information, doesn't have many days out though. Good for checking in the morning or the day before to figure out what to wear
  • My Mom - free speed dial application: just touch the heart and it dials my mom! (The My Love app with a heart isn't free though, hence the Speed Dial #1)
  • App Store - easiest way to browse and download/install iPhone apps.
  • Settings - self-explanatory. Still on 1st screen until I'm done fiddling with everything
Screen 2: Less frequently used apps
  • Calendar - standard app comes with phone. Keeps track of holidays and appointments, sync with Outlook
  • Cycles - free women's calendar.
  • iPod - self-explanatory. This one keeps playing when I change apps.
  • Weather - standard app comes with phone. Good for checking cities where friends and families live. Shows several forecast but not detailed info.
  • WikiTap - Wikipedia at my fingertips! This is the Wikipedia app I liked best out of the ones I tried
  • Safari - standard app comes with phone - internet browser
  • Amazon Mobile - easier than using browser, and has "Amazon Remembers" - take a picture of something you like and it'll find the info for you.
  • Pixelpipe - uploads photos to any number of internet destinations, including blogger, facebook, and shutterfly
  • Photos - standard app comes with phone. Gallery.
  • ICanHasCheezburger - My daily hourly dose of lolcats
Screen 3: Rarely used apps/Games
  • AIM - instant messenger. Don't use it much.
  • iTunes - standard app comes with phone. Don't use it much.
  • Maps - standard app comes with phone. Don't use it much.
  • YouTube - standard app comes with phone. Don't use it much.
  • Enjoy Sudoku Daily - free sudoku games. My entertainment at lunch
  • Cross Light - free crosswords. I alternate with the sudoku.
  • CTFrench Lite - French verb conjugations. Because I NEED to carry them with me and the little slip of paper that lives in my wallet is getting ragged.
  • Backgrounds - free background images
Screen 4: Utilities
  • Contacts - standard app comes with phone, syncs with Outlook
  • Notes - standard app comes with phone. Don't use it much.
  • Stocks - standard app comes with phone. Don't use it much.
  • Text - standard app comes with phone. Don't use it much.
  • Wi-Fi Finder - finds wi-fi hotspots near current location. Haven't used it much, but plan on using it in the future.
  • WhoCalled - uses Whitepages to look up phone numbers. I don't tend to answer if I don't recognize the phone number, and if they don't leave a message, I look 'em up
  • Calculator - standard app comes with phone.
  • qTip Lite - free tip calculator and the ONLY one I've found that takes tax into account! All the other tip calculator apps have you paying tip on the tax.
They're all free, by the way. I haven't purchased any yet.

Well, so far, this new fangled (sp?) gadget has done its job: I've been very productive today! According to my weekly task list, Tuesday is Zone Cleaning Day. So I popped open the Zone list and actually did ALL of them!

Zone 3 is Hall Bathroom and one extra room. The extra room for this week is LB's room. His room is so clean, it sparkles! I vacuumed, including the edges, baseboards, blinds, AND under the crib; I pulled the mattress pad and dust ruffle off and dropped them in the washer (they're in the dryer now); I sorted out-grown clothes and straightened drawers and shelves; I washed the window (it's possible that's never been done before...); and then I put everything back where it goes. Wow! Oh, and I did all that cleaning with LB awake! He didn't interfere too much. He loved playing with everything out of place, crawling through and under stuff, sitting on the rolled up rug. And now he's napping 'cause all that activity wore him out and since I was so productive, this LB-free time is ALL MINE!! Yes, I am VERY satisfied with my new toy.

(I'll do the bathroom on Thursday because that's when I take care of the cat box. )


Laurie said...

Jennifer, that little gadget sure is useful! Lucky you! I think you would be a wonderful saleperson for the company! LOL!

I want one! LOL!

I love FlyLady! I have used certain methods of hers for years. I like the zoning.

I also can't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink! LOL! My hubby laughs at me at midnight washing, rinsing and drying that last bowl and spoon, so my sink is clean!

Jennifer said...

Yep, my little gadget. I'm thoroughly won over, I'll never go back. I've always been a loyal PC user, but now Apple's got their hooks in me...next thing you know I'll be blogging about a new Macbook.

You're a flybaby too?! FlyLady's great, but I couldn't take all the emails. I read through everything on her site, then created my own lists etc. I haven't been back to her site except today to get the link.

Husbands may laugh, but there's something to be said for walking into a CLEAN kitchen in the morning!!

Laurie said...

I know, I couldn't take all the e-mails either. So, I took what I knew and what I wanted from the site, then just made my own adjustments! It works for me!