Monday, February 16, 2009

Even SAHM's have bad Mondays

I am having the hardest time with videos this morning! I have DH's baptism to needs to be up today, along with at least three others that are closing in on being two weeks old. I finally got the editing software working, and if you've visited the video blog this weekend you'll find some new videos, but this morning things are just not going well!!I've got the baptism uploading, though it's taking FOREVER. But every time I try to watch one of the others (to decide if it needs to be edited, deleted, or uploaded as is), the thing stalls out. I haven't been able to get through a single video this morning.

It can't be that the files are corrupted or anything like that, it's just my computer. Every time it starts up, it tries to run scandisk (you know, it says there's a problem with my disk and it needs to check it). The scanning process is lengthy, but even if I let it run, the computer is still sluggish. There's something gumming up the works.

I think I'll just have to settle for the baptism video today and see if DH can figure out what's going on with the computer when he gets home, if he has time. He's continuing work on his dissertation project and didn't do very much over the weekend, so he may have to work on that stuff this evening.


Laurie said...

Hmm! You know more about computers than I do, but when things get sluggish, my DH always defrags our computer and things speed up!

Jennifer said...

Defrag! That's the word I was looking for!! I was going to write "I feel a defrag coming on" but I couldn't think of the word, lol. Defragging is such a hassle though. Backing everything up where I'll find it again, reinstalling everything, figuring out what settings I had changed, and on and on. <sigh> I'll probably have to though.

Laurie said...

I know what you mean about the defragging! It takes forever too! Ugh! But hubby is into all that, so I just let him have at it! LOL!