Friday, February 20, 2009

It's time to WAKE UP

DH had a project due today. (by "project" I mean something having to do with his dissertation. Just because he had a deadline today in no way means that he is finished with something. It's a constantly ongoing process.) It took him all night to finish. I stayed up til 1 with him, fiddling with images and HTML. I decided the boring header needed to go. Yes, the boring header that's still there.

I started working on one header, but then rejected it. So I started working on a completely different header. I spent quite some time on it yesterday, but although I like it, it turns out I like the other one better. So I went back to that one and finished it. What's holding me up now is the background. I have one I like, but it's not displaying right. DH is helping me with it, but he couldn't spend too much time on it last night.

I finally called it quits at 1am and went to bed. I regained just enough consciousness at 7 this morning to say goodbye to DH as he left for work, then I went back to sleep. For TWO MORE HOURS!!

Okay, my sleeping in til 9 is nothing; I can do that easy. The thing is, LB does not sleep in. I'm LUCKY if he gives me until 7:30 before he's ready to get out of his crib. So I was amazed when I looked at the clock and realized that my sleep had been allowed to continue so long uninterrupted. My first thought, no my second thought, was that there was something wrong (I don't think moms ever "grow out" of the SIDS fear that is beat into us during pregnancy and the first few months after birth). I imagined he had strangled in his blanket or suffocated in his pillow, or wedged his head between the mattress and the rail, or tried to climb out and broken his neck. Of course, all these horrible thoughts didn't speed me up. I got up, made the bed, pet the cats, went to the bathroom, found my robe and slippers, and THEN I went to LB's room to check on him. I wasn't firing on all cylinders.

He was fine. He stirred when I opened the door, and stood up when he saw me. All the stuff (blanket, pillow, book) was still in the crib; he hadn't been awake long enough to drop them all out yet. I don't know why he slept in this morning. It's kindof amazing.

So he's happily playing while I sit here, drinking my coffee and try to wake up. (It takes time for the caffeine to percolate through my system.) I don't have too many chores today. Friday is "errands and misc." day for me. I've got things like grocery shopping, cleaning out the car, and pet care on my list ('course, I can't do some of those til DH comes home with the car). I got all my cleaning chores done yesterday (the hall bathroom positively SPARKLES), but I didn't get everything done on Wednesday (desk day). Can I blame that on DH? He stayed home on Wed. and for some reason I'm less productive when he's home. So I have some catchup to do today too. But not until I've finished my coffee. And read my comics.

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(by the way, do you like my new signature?)


Laurie said...

I like the signature!

Nice that LB accommodated your sleeping in! It's good to do every once in awhile!

Jennifer said...

It IS nice, especially when I stay up so late!

Glad you like the signature :)