Saturday, February 7, 2009

I get to see the sunrise!

I'm wide awake at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning. The Saturday after my birthday. The one day this year (so far) that DH was WILLINGLY going to get up with LB and let me sleep in. WHY OH WHY am I wide awake before the sunrise? It's Outlook's fault.

Let me explain. Outlook's default is to put alarms on appointments. If the "appointment" is an all day thing, the alarm default is 18 hours before. "But, Jennifer, your computer is off at night." Yes, but my phone is always on, and I sync my phone with my computer on a regular basis, ensuring that all those appointments with the pointless alarms are also in my phone. I've turned them all off in Outlook now, but not in my phone. So at 6am my phone alarm went off, and I, being in constant fear every morning that LB will wake up too early, RAN downstairs and found my phone. I came back up to bed, but I couldn't get back to sleep. I decided it would be nice, actually, to spend some time completely by myself, since I so rarely have the opportunity in the morning.

<pause as realization sets in...>

When I finally got a hold of my phone, I pushed a button. I was hoping it was the "stop" button, but when the screen finally stopped flashing and I could actually read it, I could see that I had pushed the "snooze" button. Which means it was going to go off again. So I took it upstairs and put it under my pillow so I'd hear it and could turn it off right away without having to run downstairs again.

When I came downstairs because I couldn't sleep, I forgot about the phone. It's still up there. Under my pillow. Next to my poor, unsuspecting, blissfully sleeping husband. Hmm.


Jennifer said...

Happy late birthday!

Spending time by yourself is always nice once you become a mom. You wouldn't want to spend that time sleeping, would you??? Ok... I would. :)

Jennifer said...

lol, yeah, spending that time sleeping WAS the idea, but you're right: getting time alone is nice. I'm fortunate that LB is still taking two naps a day, but I know that won't last too much longer!

Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

ehart said...

Sometimes I run out of sleep--so to speak. It's frustrating. I always find myself sitting at my computer looking out the window at that strange glow and wondering what it is.

Left it under your pillow! HA! That's funny.

Jennifer said...

"looking out the window at that strange glow and wondering what it is" LOL!