Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clean Sink = Clean Kitchen

The secret to a clean kitchen is a clean sink. "Clean" means there's nothing in it, not even water drops. When I keep my sink looking like this, my whole kitchen feels cleaner. And then I'm motivated to actually MAKE it cleaner.

Three tricks for a clean sink:
  1. Drop dirty dishes in dishwasher (or hand wash them) RIGHT AWAY
  2. Wipe down sink with clean cloth
  3. Keep supplies in a little basket under the sink
Dishes aren't allowed to sit in the sink or on the counter. They belong in the dishwasher, on a drying towel, or in the cupboard. Cleaning supplies live in the cupboard too. When I need them, I pull the whole basket out, use the stuff, then put it all back away.

When all the dishes are done, I use a clean cloth to wipe out the sink. That takes care of the water droplets and the sink looks stunning! I wipe it down EVERY TIME I use the sink. It's quick and easy and makes a huge difference. (I use the same cloth all day, and then get a new one for the next day.) After the dinner dishes, I use Simple Green (or any other cleaning product) so it's clean too, not just shiny.

I learned these tricks from FlyLady and am so glad I did! It certainly works for me!


Laurie said...

Of course, you know, that I also learned this from Flylady!

I never would have thought that something as simple as this would motivate me to keep my kitchen tidier, but it does! It really works!

Although, it is harder when you have a teenager who never stops eating in the house. Then you have to 'train' them too!

I remember telling my family, "Just humor me on this one, okay?" They are converts now!

Jennifer said...

What a great job on that clean sink!
I have been resisting and resisting this clean sink idea. However, I have been having the hardest time keeping my kitchen clean. This might actually be the thing I need to help me. Thanks for reminding me! :)

Jennifer said...

I knew you'd laugh, Laurie, when you saw this post - yes, it was inspired by our comments yesterday :)
I imagine it's hard to keep up with the never-filled stomach that is a teenaged boy. I love that your family "humored you" and they're converts now!

Jennifer - I know what you mean about resisting something. I don't do well with being told to do something, and reading it online is no different sometimes. I actually met FlyLady in 2005 but resisted her advice. It wasn't until after LB was born (in 2007) and I was home all day that I gave her an honest try. I hope you're encouraged, because this is a really simple and easy way to make a big difference! Good luck!

Nichole said...

I know this is true, but I have the hardest time making myself do it!